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Joseph Nordmann

Joseph B. Nordmann was born in Decatur, Illinois in 1922, moving later with his parents to Ohio. His early interests were drawing, playing musical instruments and science. Science won out and he attended Bowling Green State University, obtaining a B.S. degree in chemistry. Following this, he obtained a Masterís Degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Southern California. Since 1943, California has been his home. He owned and operated the first environmental analytical laboratories in California. During WWII, he was employed as a chemist in defense related jobs. Nordmann was nationally honored for teaching and is the author of college chemistry texts as well as articles on art.


He began oil painting as a hobby in 1949 with private lessons from California impressionist Paul Conner, a great plein-air painter. Later, he studied with the renowned artist Nicolai Fechin and still later with Charles Movalli, Edward N. Ward and Van Waldron. After retiring from chemistry teaching in 1978, he became a full time artist. In 1984 he moved to the Monterey Peninsula where he continues his painting career. He has taught painting, conducted outdoor workshops and performed numerous painting demonstrations. Most of Nordmannís work is done out of doors. He is noted for his impressionistic rendering of buildings and his fine renderings of the California landscape.

The Masterworks is a collection highlighting the very best from Joseph Nordmann's illustrious career. Accumulated over a 30 year span, the essence of Mr. Nordmann's abilities, emotions and sensitivities come through in each and every one of these fine paintings. Mr. Nordmann traveled extensively finding great locations and subject matter, finding the beauty of wherever he went and whatever he saw. In addition Mr. Nordmann captured his own backyard, the Monterey Peninsula, in a grand manner.




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Joseph Nordmann - "The Hills Of Aromas"
Joseph Nordmann - "Monterey Marina"
Joseph Nordmann - "Crowley Marine"
Joseph Nordmann - "Color Near Algonquin (Ontario, Canada)"
Joseph Nordmann - "New England Winter"